Television Review: Dexter

There was a bit of controversy when this concept was launched: a series told – mostly – from the point of a serial killer. To make him palatable to a general audience, he of course adheres to a sort of moral code, only killing ‘bad guys’.… Read the rest

Movie Review: Michael Clayton

Who is Michael Clayton? Several characters in the movie are wondering about that, not least of all Michael Clayton himself. What he is, job description-wise in any case, is a ‘fixer’. As a cross between an investigator and a lawyer, he tries to find information and make arrangements to help the cliënts of the law firm he works for.… Read the rest

Movie Review: Beowulf

Gosh, does Beowulf ever love the sound of his own name. If a drinking game was based on this movie – a sip for every time the name is mentioned – it would end in first aid with a case of alcohol poisoning.… Read the rest

Television Review: Ugly Betty

Thanks to a bout of flue I recently watched all of the first season of Ugly Betty as a marathon. This is the USA version of a concept that has been travelling the globe in many local forms. It was called ‘Lotte’ in the Netherlands and originally started out as ‘Yo soy Betty, la Fea’ (I am Betty, the Ugly One), a Columbian ‘telenovella’.… Read the rest

Movie Review: Stardust

A boy promises his undeserving sweetheart a piece from a fallen star and crosses a wall to find it, landing himself in a fantasy land with flying pirates, evil witches and a dying monarch. When the fallen star turns out to be a girl, hormonal imbalances ensue.… Read the rest