Book Review: Gay Travels in the Muslim World

Gay identity is denied in most Muslim countries. That there are men and women within those areas who primarily love people of their own gender is a biological certainty. But most of them would not label themselves ‘gay’ or ‘lesbian’, they would see the attraction as just one small aspect of themselves that they try to fit into their lives while adhering to what is expected of them by friends and – especially – family.Read the rest

Book Review: Wishful Drinking -Toasting Princess Leia

Carrie Fisher bares not-quite all in a funny memoir

Carrie Fisher’s life was always an autobiography waiting to happen. As the daughter of the eccentric Debbie Reynolds – of Singing in the Rain fame, among many other roles – and singer Eddie Fisher, she grew up in a Hollywood family under great public scrutiny.Read the rest

Movie Review: Wanted

Wesley Allan Gibson (James McAvoy) is a bit of a loser, to put it mildly; broke, working a soul-deadening job and too wimpy to confront his friend about regularly boinking his girlfriend behind his back. To his considerable surprise, he suddenly and violently gets drafted into a fraternity of assassins for paternal reasons.… Read the rest

Movie Review: The Mummy – Tomb of the Dragon Emperor

The Mummy Trilogy doesn’t seem to know when to quit. First of all, there wasn’t any need to make it a Trilogy, discounting a financial one. Though the third movie attempts to freshen the formula by moving the action to China, it still feels too much like the previous two entries, in particular like the bloated special effects fiesta that was the second movie.Read the rest

Movie Review: The X-Files: I Want to Believe

The X-Files without conspiracies or aliens – I don’t believe it! I watched X-Files regularly up to the point where Fox ‘Spooky’ Mulder (David Duchovny) was starting to turn into a guest star rather than being one of the leads. What made the series work originally was the core concept of a cynic and a believer investigating the paranormal, working as a sniffed-at-by-colleagues branch of the FBI.… Read the rest

A Call to Closure

From what I’ve been reading, serial storytelling on television is once again on the decline. A lot of scripted shows saw sharp drops in their viewing figures when returning this season. Reality tv shows, or what passes for reality on the idiot box, rule supreme.… Read the rest