Television Review: Dexter Series Finale (spoilers)

dexter2After eight seasons – one or two of which we could have done without – Dexter is done. The controversial final episode ditches the dark humor that typified the series and goes for something bleak and existential. Unlike a lot of people, I can appreciate what the writers were trying to do.… Read the rest

Game Review: Uncharted 3 (PS3)

Uncharted3 GOTYNathan Drake has a flair for the dramatic. If he enters a mode of transport, you can bet it will soon be crashing, burning, exploding, sinking or any of those combined. You do not want to commute with this guy. He also is good at setting off events he caused seemingly by just being around.… Read the rest

Rambling Comic Book Review: X-Factor (2005-2013)

xfactor1Getting to write for a superhero-comic for DC or Marvel must be a mixed blessing. The perks are clear, being a steady salary and a certain level of almost guaranteed sales. You’ll likely be playing around with already established characters who have a group of dedicated followers.… Read the rest

Television Review: Vicious

vicious-3409650Vicious is a British sitcom, and it appears to be a treat that the main players gave themselves. These veterans of the stage clearly enjoy their roles. Sir Ian McKellen reportedly didn’t like all the blue-screen special-effects acting he had to do for his role as Gandalf, so it must feel great for him to get back to basics, in something closely resembling a play.… Read the rest