Movie Review: This is the End

This-Is-The-EndThis is the End seems to be an in-joke between a group of comedic actors. In the movie, these actors play themselves, sort of. That is to say, James Franco plays an actor named James Franco, Seth Rogen an actor named Seth Rogen and so on.… Read the rest

Movie Review: World War Z

world-war-z-posterWorld War Z is based on a very interesting book with the same title, though the movie actually has nothing in common with its literary namesake except for that title. It stars producer/actor Brad Pitt as the savior of humanity. He springs into action when there is a lethal global outbreak.… Read the rest

Movie Review: A Good Day to Die Hard

agooddaytodiehardThe horribly-titled A Good Day to Die Hard, reintroduces us to John McClane as a grumpy old coot. Right at the start, he loses sympathy for setting into motion the problems he then needs to solve. Admittedly, seeing how the plot twists around, things would have turned out worse if he had not intervened, but that’s happenstance.… Read the rest