Game Review: To the Moon (PC)

To-the-Moon coverIn To The Moon, you play a duo of scientists who have been summoned to the house of a dying man to grant him a last wish. He wants to go to the moon before he passes. Not for real, but in his mind.… Read the rest

Game Review: The Last of Us (PS3)

Last of Us Cover PS3The Last of Us pushes the elderly Playstation 3 to its fullest potential. The graphics are detailed and impressive, bringing to mind Uncharted 3. This shouldn’t really surprise, as the two games were made by the same company: Naughty Dog.… Read the rest

Movie Review: Europa Report

Europa Report PosterEuropa Report is a movie for people who have seen Gravity and are jonesing for more stressed-out astronaut action. (Though it was actually released a few months before Gravity was.) The approach is a different one, though, as the movie is part of the ‘found footage’ storytelling genre.… Read the rest

Movie Review: Thor – The Dark World

thor tdw posterThe guy with the big hammer is back! He is still mostly the straight man in a story that mixes Shakespearian family drama with mythical mumbo-jumbo. Mind you, Thor (Chris Hemsworth) and his Asgardian kin are not Gods, because that could cause all sorts of controversy among the believers of various ‘legit’ religions.… Read the rest