Television Review: Broadchurch

Broadchurch season oneI don’t really watch crime series anymore, barring the occasional British exception (Luther, Sherlock) and one or two US series I already ‘committed’ to, seasons ago (Castle and Bones). Crime series, especially ones from the US, tend to be formulaic pacifiers.… Read the rest

Game Review: Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney (DS)

apollo-justice-ace-attorney-coverI just finished Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney, which follows the original Phoenix Wright trilogy (which I review here). I can’t think of another game franchise of which I have finished four entries, so something about the Ace Attorney series must really appeal to me.… Read the rest

Movie Review: Riddick

riddickWhen Pitch Black came out in 2000, it seemed like an unassuming, stand-alone horror-movie which borrowed heavily from Aliens, while adding enough uniqueness to the formula to make it interesting. It starred Vin Diesel as the not especially talkative Riddick, the enigmatic prisoner of a bounty-hunter.… Read the rest