Movie Review: X-Men – Days of Future Past

X-Men DOFP PosterWith X-Men – Days of Future Past, director Bryan Singer makes a welcome return to the mutant universe. He had helmed the first two films but jumped ship on the third one, directing the morose Superman Returns instead. Brett Ratner took the helm for X-Men: Last Stand and almost sank the franchise with a rambling mess of a movie, which badly flubbed the classic Dark Phoenix storyline from the comics. … Read the rest

Television Review: Marvel – Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (Season 1)

marvels-agents-of-shield-posterConsidering that Marvel – Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. takes places mostly on a plane, it’s ironic that it took the series sixteen episodes to finally achieve lift off. It had a very slow start indeed. Had it been any other television newcomer and not such an important part in Marvel’s overall media strategy, it would likely have been culled fairly soon.… Read the rest

Game Review: Saints Row IV (PC)

SaintsRowIV coverThe Saints Row franchise has been detaching itself from reality more and more, putting distance between it and the (relatively speaking) more grounded Grand Theft Auto games. After the generally cray-cray Saints Row: The Third, the question was how much further Volition – the main company behind the games – was willing to push the madness.… Read the rest

Game Review: The Room Two (iOs)

The Room 2If you have even the remotest interest in puzzles, run to the nearest mobile device and download The Room 1 and/or 2. Both are beautiful-looking puzzlers in which you find yourself in one creepy room after another. In each space, you spin the camera around one or more objects that need to be studied closely.… Read the rest