Movie Review: Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians-of-the-Galaxy-PosterGuardians of the Galaxy has just raised the stakes. Not so much for the next Avengers movie or for the other Marvel comic book movies it loosely ties into, but for the upcoming Star Wars sequels. This is how intergalactic high-adventure should be done.… Read the rest

Television Review: True Blood

True_Blood posterIn the beginning True Blood must have been a fun outing for creator Alan Ball, as he had just wrapped up his high-quality but downbeat series Six Feet Under. True Blood started out as a somewhat slow, atmospheric soap about a little southern town that was dealing with a world in which vampire-kind had recently come out of the closet.… Read the rest

Game Review: DMC (PC, 2013)

DMC CoverFirst-off, let me confess that I am a ‘noob’ when it comes to ‘hack and slash’ action games. Before DMC, I never finished one, having dabbled with the amazingly camp Bayonetta, but getting side-tracked by something shiny. I haven’t played a Devil May Cry game before.… Read the rest

Game Review: Bastion (iOs, 2012)

bastion_coverBastion is an action game with an isometric view, in which you play a kid called The Kid. You battle monsters with a creative assortment of weapons in a melancholy, but colourful storybook world. The sad part comes courtesy of something called The Cataclysm, which blew apart your homeland and turned nearly all the inhabitants into pillars of dust.… Read the rest