Movie Review: Mad Max – Fury Road

mad_max_fury_road posterMad Max – Fury Road is a very good action movie that makes you realize that physical stunts give a kick that special effects just can’t quite match, no matter how good they are. Not that there isn’t CGI here, but during the chase that makes up the majority of the movie, there is a sense that you’re watching something real and tangible, even if it’s taking place in an obviously fictional and far-out context.… Read the rest

Game Review: Wolfenstein – The New Order (PC, 2014)

Wolfenstein-New-Order-PopCultjunk-2William “B.J.” Blazkowicz has a gigle-worthy nickname, but is dead serious about killing Nazis. There are a lot of those around, as in the alternate history that he lives in, the Nazis won the war and have achieved global domination. After spending years in a vegetative state due to a brain injury, B.J.… Read the rest

Game Review: Crysis 3 (PC, 2013)

Crysis_3_Hunter_EditionIn my Crysis 2 review, I stated that I would not be playing the sequel anytime soon. But played it I have, for the most superficial of reasons. I recently upgraded my PC, to the point where it can run current games at pretty much the highest settings.… Read the rest

Movie Review: Space Station 76

SpaceStation76I consider myself a fairly ‘typical’ viewer. By which I mean that I tend to find myself agreeing with the professional critical consensus on a book, movie or film. (Rather than the popular one, which tends to get distorted by rabid fans on one side and equally rabid haters on the other end.) Personal mileage can vary of course, but it is rare that I find myself really enjoying something that – according to most critics – sucks.… Read the rest