Book Review: The Luna Brothers’ Girls

Luna Brothers Girls Cover OmnibusA mysterious dome descends over an American town, trapping the inhabitants and causing all kinds of stress and suffering. Sounds familiar? Maybe you read Under the Dome by Stephen King, or saw the tv series based on that book. Maybe you watched the Simpsons movie.… Read the rest

Game Review: Far Cry 4 (2014, PC)

Far Cry 4 CoverThe main life lesson to be learnt from Far Cry 4 is that people suck and that most of them want you – and each other – dead. A lot of the wildlife joins in on this overall murderous approach to life.… Read the rest

Movie Review: Veronica Mars

Veronica Mars PosterVeronica Mars and I used to be friends a long time ago, but then she suddenly disappeared from television, leaving a cliffhanger in her wake. The series had a rabid following but it wasn’t quite sizeable enough to persevere. It didn’t seem there was any hope for a proper resolution, but then creator Rob Thomas went to Kickstarter to crowdfund a television movie.… Read the rest

Movie Review: Jurassic World

jurassic-world-2015 posterJurassic World is exactly what you will be expecting if you’ve seen any of the previous movies from the franchise. Whether that is a good thing or a bad thing, will depend on if you liked those movies and how much tolerance you have for pretty much more of the same; dinosaurs killing people.… Read the rest