Book Review: When You Are Engulfed In Flames

(Review written for The American Book Center)

There are not many writers who I enjoy hearing as much as I enjoy reading them. While seated at a reading, my mind will generally start to wander and I will get annoyed with myself for missing part of what is being said.… Read the rest

Book Review: Infected

Getting Under Your Skin – Scott Sigler’s Infectious Horror Novel

Scott Sigler was annoyed when the publishing world refused to put him in print. So he took one of his ‘books’ and turned it into a podcast, then a free pdf file and several successful, freely distributed online ‘books’ later he now finds himself in print after all, thanks to Random House.… Read the rest

Book Review: Persepolis

Running from Iran and back again – How do you find home when you don’t know where your heart is?

Persepolis tells the story of a smart and rebellious girl who finds herself growing up without a place to call her own.… Read the rest

Book Review: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Contains only mild spoilers

I had to race through this book to avoid one of my colleagues from the bookstore blurting out a spoiler before I could get to the end. I succeeded, and what a ride it was. Of course, I will not be spoiling the end for anybody here either, trying to balance being vague and yet specific.… Read the rest

Book Review: Body Talk

Only a small percentage of communication is done through words. Most meaning is transmitted by the way we say things – inflection, tone – and through body language. Unfortunately, this body talk is a lot more open to interpretation, on both the sending and the receiving side and can get confusing if people come from different cultures.… Read the rest

Book Review: Good News for the Desperate and Amoral

Working in a bookstore, you regularly come across books that make you raise a quizzical eyebrow. We’re not only talking about vague or flaky books here – like the dubious, but very successful conspiracy book about reptiles secretly taking over the earth – but also morally suspect material.… Read the rest