Television Review: Ugly Betty

Thanks to a bout of flue I recently watched all of the first season of Ugly Betty as a marathon. This is the USA version of a concept that has been travelling the globe in many local forms. It was called ‘Lotte’ in the Netherlands and originally started out as ‘Yo soy Betty, la Fea’ (I am Betty, the Ugly One), a Columbian ‘telenovella’.… Read the rest

Television Review: Prison Break

*contains mild spoilers*

After two seasons, my love affair with Prison Break is over. What went wrong? *Wavy flashback effect* I came on board to this series rather late. I saw season one after it had already aired, in a couple of big chunks.… Read the rest

Television Review: Eureka

Eureka has just been renewed for a third season by the SciFi Channel. The series once badly titled ‘A Town Called Eureka‘ seems to be hitting its stride. The set-up: a U.S. Marshal (Colin Ferguson) gets stranded with his ‘delinquent’ daughter in a town with an unusual amount of geniuses.… Read the rest

Television Rant

All Good Things Should Come to a Great End

Telling the story you want to tell in television can be a tricky process. Babylon 5 famously had a pre-planned five year story arc. When it came to the execution however, the ball was fumbled.Read the rest