Television Review: Sherlock (2010-2017)

The current BBC incarnation of iconic British detective Sherlock Holmes is stylish, entertaining and increasingly silly. In a world where chaos theory does not seem to be a thing, Sherlock solves cases that grow more far-fetched as the series goes on.… Read the rest

Television Review: X-Files (2016)

X-Files 6 episode eventFor some reason, various old series are being exhumed and given an unholy revival. The X-Files was not a likely candidate for this procedure. I think most fans would agree that the show was already well past its prime by the time it went off the air.… Read the rest

Television Review: Daredevil (2015)

Daredevil posterBinge-watching used to be shameful, but nowadays it is something to boast about. And there is indeed something joyful about taking a whole day or weekend to dunk your mind fully into a hot pop culture phenomenon. The fact that these days more and more series are released a season at a time, with all episodes instantly available, feeds into this. … Read the rest

Television Review: Ash vs. Evil Dead – Season One (2015)

ash-vs-evil-dead-posterWeird camera angles, crass humour, slapstick and self-aware, campy, over-the-top gore. Welcome to the Evil Dead universe. If you object to any of the previous, you may want to skip Ash vs. Evil Dead. It is an odd concept, a tv-sequel to three horror movies, the last of which (Army of Darkness) came out in 1993.… Read the rest

Television Review: The Strain (Season 1 & 2)

The-Strain-PosterVampires are sexy? Not in The Strain they’re not. Then again, being sexy wouldn’t do them much good as they lack genitals. Yet somehow this brand of vampires appears to have crossbred with zombies. They are mostly mindless drones that travel in groups, trying to turn or kill anyone not belonging to their clique.… Read the rest

Television Review: Bones (Seasons 1-9)

Bones Season 3 coverBones is a series that doesn’t know when to quit. Like Castle (which has the same problem), Bones is a murder mystery show with a quirky sense of humor. Each week, there is a mostly formulaic crime-of-the-week to solve while the characters work through personal issues, which tend to be neatly contained to that one episode.… Read the rest

Television Review: iZombie (Season 1)

iZombie PosterZombies – they get into everything! Video games, board games, movies and television, there is a never-ending stream of new content featuring the braincraving dead. Once it seemed like they would be a temporary hype, but apparently they are here to stay.… Read the rest

Television Review: Orphan Black (Season 1 & 2)

orphan-black-53886b41449cfOrphan Black starts with a contrivance that is never fully explained. A woman happens to see someone who looks exactly like herself step in front of a train. The identical part is – of course – the main mystery, but this doesn’t take too much imagination to figure out.… Read the rest