Movie Review: Logan (2017)

Logan is a pleasant surprise after the last X-Men related movie, the overblown and messy X-Men – Apocalpyse. Logan’s story is more intimate and small-scale. And really depressing. The dark and mature tone as well as the future setting – it takes place in 2029, although not much seems different apart from self-driving cars – set it far apart from the other movies in the X-Men franchise.… Read the rest

Book Review: The Luna Brothers’ Girls

Luna Brothers Girls Cover OmnibusA mysterious dome descends over an American town, trapping the inhabitants and causing all kinds of stress and suffering. Sounds familiar? Maybe you read Under the Dome by Stephen King, or saw the tv series based on that book. Maybe you watched the Simpsons movie.… Read the rest

Television Review: iZombie (Season 1)

iZombie PosterZombies – they get into everything! Video games, board games, movies and television, there is a never-ending stream of new content featuring the braincraving dead. Once it seemed like they would be a temporary hype, but apparently they are here to stay.… Read the rest

Book Review: Raumstation Sehnsücht

Konrad-und-Paul--Raumstation-SehnsuchtI really like the comics of Ralf König. The drawings are charming, the dialogues range from funny to hilarious and his books show the – maybe surprising – amount of humor woven into everyday spoken German.

Most of König’s work has a gay sensibility to it, painting a comedic picture of gay guys. … Read the rest

Rambling Comic Book Review: X-Factor (2005-2013)

xfactor1Getting to write for a superhero-comic for DC or Marvel must be a mixed blessing. The perks are clear, being a steady salary and a certain level of almost guaranteed sales. You’ll likely be playing around with already established characters who have a group of dedicated followers.… Read the rest

Movie Review: Wanted

Wesley Allan Gibson (James McAvoy) is a bit of a loser, to put it mildly; broke, working a soul-deadening job and too wimpy to confront his friend about regularly boinking his girlfriend behind his back. To his considerable surprise, he suddenly and violently gets drafted into a fraternity of assassins for paternal reasons.… Read the rest