Movie Review: The Martian

the-martian-posterWatching a botanist try to survive on Mars against all odds is funnier than one would suspect. When Mark Watney (Matt Damon) gets left for dead by his team during a mission gone wrong, things seems hopeless. A lesser man would possibly just give up and expire, but not this guy.… Read the rest

Movie Review: Europa Report

Europa Report PosterEuropa Report is a movie for people who have seen Gravity and are jonesing for more stressed-out astronaut action. (Though it was actually released a few months before Gravity was.) The approach is a different one, though, as the movie is part of the ‘found footage’ storytelling genre.… Read the rest

Movie Review: Gravity

gravity-posterI went to see Gravity knowing little more about the plot than what the trailer told me. I knew to go see it in 3D, as apparently it was one of very few movies that does 3D well. It was actually shot for it, instead of the 3D having been hastily tacked on to the finished product.… Read the rest