Game Review: Crysis 3 (PC, 2013)

Crysis_3_Hunter_EditionIn my Crysis 2 review, I stated that I would not be playing the sequel anytime soon. But played it I have, for the most superficial of reasons. I recently upgraded my PC, to the point where it can run current games at pretty much the highest settings.… Read the rest

Game Review: Crysis 2 – Maximum Edition (PC, 2011)

Crysis 2 Maximum EditionCrysis 2 is a convoluted Jerry Bruckheimer action movie poured into a video game, starring a dead-man-walking protagonist, who was almost literally poured into a power suit as he lay dying. It allows him to withstand a great amount of damage or to turn invisible, but not simultaneously, and only for a short amount of time.… Read the rest