Movie Review: Bridget Jones’s Baby (2016)

bridget_jones_posterOnce upon a time, a group of four bearded gay men – me included – went to a matinee to watch Bridget Jones’s Baby. And they all jolly well enjoyed it. You don’t have to be a chick to enjoy this flick as it turns out, though I imagine that it helps. In it, Jones (Renée Zellwegeragain finds herself going from desperately single to having to choose between two handsome, wealthy, successful men. Oh, bother! Darcy (Colin Firth) returns for the third time to woo once more and his opponent is Jack, a newcomer who just happens to be a millionaire, because – well, he just had to be to be a more serious competitor I guess. Although since he takes the form of charm-factory Patrick Dempsey – formerly ‘McDreamy’ from Grey’s Anatomy – you have to wonder if it is overkill.

emma_thompson_bridget-jonesThe script skillfully blends the romantic with the mundane, while taking regular detours into the absurd. The dialogues are sharp, crude and very funny and the actors are game. Emma Thompson steals the show as Jones’ obstetrician. But don’t expect too many surprises from the overall plot, especially if you have seen the previous films. The main conceit is that due to using faulty condoms, Jones is up the duff by either Darcy or Jack. Who is the father and how will the potentials handle the news that they have a 50% chance of ‘winning’ this lottery? Apart from that, who will Jones lose her heart to? Is it again to Darcy, who she has a long and troubled past with, or to the sexy newcomer who was intended to be a one-night-stand?

The resolution is disappointing in that with a little reasoning, you can probably work out beforehand who the father is and who Jones chooses. This despite some smart comments within the film pointing out that the choice isn’t the best one. A more gutsy and more interesting ending is briefly teased and then discarded. In the end this is a traditional chick lit romance and an uncomplicated ending is required. It is unfortunate, as adhering to the formula makes the movie feel a bit too clean and safe. But what Bridget Jones’s Baby lacks in surprises, it makes up for in laughs.

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