Game Review: DMC (PC, 2013)

DMC CoverFirst-off, let me confess that I am a ‘noob’ when it comes to ‘hack and slash’ action games. Before DMC, I never finished one, having dabbled with the amazingly camp Bayonetta, but getting side-tracked by something shiny. I haven’t played a Devil May Cry game before.… Read the rest

Game Review: Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright – Ace Attorney (3DS, 2014)

LaytonWrightCoverProfessor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright – Ace Attorney entwines two franchises around a single narrative. It is an odd coupling and the elements never fully mesh, but it’s as good a blend as could be expected, given the ingredients. Phoenix Wright games are about gathering and examining evidence and pointing out contradictions in testimony during elaborate murder cases.… Read the rest

Game Review: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies (3DS)

Dual DestiniesPhoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies doesn’t change the series’ formula, but it does upgrade the presentation and fine-tune the gameplay a little. There are now 3D anime scenes scattered throughout to liven things up, the character animations are more refined and the locations are 3D diorama’s with subtle movements in the background. … Read the rest

Game Review: Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney (DS)

apollo-justice-ace-attorney-coverI just finished Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney, which follows the original Phoenix Wright trilogy (which I review here). I can’t think of another game franchise of which I have finished four entries, so something about the Ace Attorney series must really appeal to me.… Read the rest