Movie Review: Blade Runner 2049 (2017)

Blade Runner (1982) was a movie that did not really need a sequel, even if the tech noir future  it set up was a great framework for more stories. It inspired others to tell tales in similar-feeling settings and there were official continuations in novels and a video game, but Blade Runner didn’t get a full movie sequel until this year, 35 years after the original.… Read the rest

Movie Review: Blade Runner – The Final Cut

Blade-runner-directors-cut-posterI can’t actually remember the first time I saw Blade Runner. I think the soundtrack was imprinted on me before I ever did, a synthy and at times jazzy moodscape by Vangelis. It conjures up an odd sort of future nostalgia; warm, reflective and sad, slightly dehumanized by being all electronic but deeply emotional at the same time.… Read the rest