Movie Review: IT (2017)

I guess by now I am an expert on It, I even read It way before It was cool. The book creeped me out thoroughly over 20 years ago, helped by me reading it at a remote vacation spot, away from the safety of crowds.… Read the rest

Movie Review: Get Out (2017)

The subtitle for this horror-comedy could have easily been ‘Creepy White People’ as the majority of the cast consists of just that. When a black man (Chris Washington, played by Daniel Kaluuyaheads off to a remote mansion to meet the well-off parents of his white girlfriend (Rose Armitage – Allison Williams), things get racially awkward fast. … Read the rest

Movie Review: Blair Witch (2016)

Tblair-with-posterhe witch is back, baby! Which witch? Well, the one from Blair. You may remember her from the low-budget horror hit The Blair Witch Project from 1999, although you never actually saw her on-screen. Her name is also tied to an unremarkable sequel that appeared a year later (Book of Shadows).… Read the rest

Movie Review: The Conjuring 2 (2016)

The-Conjuring-2 poster The Conjuring 2 relies heavily on low-budget creepiness. It is based on the allegedly true story of a haunting in England, in which a house started to misbehave and a spirit occasionally channelled itself through a young girl. This scenario is used not so much to preach important truths about the afterlife, but to creep people out and occasionally make them jump in their seats.… Read the rest

Movie Review: 10 Cloverfield Lane (2016)

Cloverfield Lane Poster10 Cloverfield Lane is a movie best seen knowing as little as possible about it beforehand. That makes it hard to review. I saw the trailer, which was very well made and misleading in a good way, but it contained shots that I had remembered and knew would be coming up at some point.… Read the rest

Game Review: Until Dawn (PS4, 2015)

until-dawn-ps4 coverUntil Dawn is an interactive horror movie that features a pleasing amount of cliché’s and an entertainingly convoluted mystery. You as the player are tasked with navigating eight foolhardy teens through a night filled with peril at an isolated cabin on a snowy mountain.… Read the rest

Television Review: Ash vs. Evil Dead – Season One (2015)

ash-vs-evil-dead-posterWeird camera angles, crass humour, slapstick and self-aware, campy, over-the-top gore. Welcome to the Evil Dead universe. If you object to any of the previous, you may want to skip Ash vs. Evil Dead. It is an odd concept, a tv-sequel to three horror movies, the last of which (Army of Darkness) came out in 1993.… Read the rest

Television Review: The Strain (Season 1 & 2)

The-Strain-PosterVampires are sexy? Not in The Strain they’re not. Then again, being sexy wouldn’t do them much good as they lack genitals. Yet somehow this brand of vampires appears to have crossbred with zombies. They are mostly mindless drones that travel in groups, trying to turn or kill anyone not belonging to their clique.… Read the rest

Book Review: The Luna Brothers’ Girls

Luna Brothers Girls Cover OmnibusA mysterious dome descends over an American town, trapping the inhabitants and causing all kinds of stress and suffering. Sounds familiar? Maybe you read Under the Dome by Stephen King, or saw the tv series based on that book. Maybe you watched the Simpsons movie.… Read the rest