Game Review: Overwatch (PC, 2016)

overwatch-origins-editionOverwatch came along at a perfect time for me. Star Wars: Battlefront had just taught me that online gaming with strangers may not be as masochistic as I initially feared. And now arrived a much-hyped, colorful online multiplayer game that seemed hellbent on maintaining a friendly, positive community.… Read the rest

Game Review: Stick it to the Man! (PC, 2014)

stickitThe biggest surprise about Stick it to the Man! is that it was not made by Psychonaut‘s Tim Schafer. This engaging puzzle-platformer certainly seems to have his handprints all over it. The look is cartoony, stylish and oddly familiar, the writing is funny with dark undertones and there is an obsession with mindreading.… Read the rest

Game Review: Jazzpunk (PC, 2014)

Jazzpunk titleJazzpunk is odd, and this is in no way accidental. In fact, the game tries a bit too hard to be odd and strains something in the process. Being free-form is to be expected from a game with the word ‘jazz’ in its title, but with a little more focus and a bit more restraint, the oddness could have been put to better use.… Read the rest

Game Review: DMC (PC, 2013)

DMC CoverFirst-off, let me confess that I am a ‘noob’ when it comes to ‘hack and slash’ action games. Before DMC, I never finished one, having dabbled with the amazingly camp Bayonetta, but getting side-tracked by something shiny. I haven’t played a Devil May Cry game before.… Read the rest

Game Review: Botanicula (PC)

Botanicula_coverBotanicula manages to be massively cute without feeling saccharine. Its art is amazing and the sounds – mostly people mouthing sound effects in silly voices – are equally good. Its world feels like a picture-book for kids and the story is sweet and sincere.… Read the rest

Game Review: Gone Home (PC)

Gone_HomeIn Gone Home, you play a girl who comes home to the new house that her sister and parents moved into, while she was touring Europe for a year. It’s a little after midnight, there is a thunderstorm and no one is around.… Read the rest

Game Review: The Stanley Parable (PC)


Filter Kafka through the sensibilities of Douglas Adams and you might end up with something like The Stanley Parable. It is not so much a game as a bewildering tree of short stories to explore, all featuring the same main character and all circling the themes of free will and purpose, while lampooning videogame mechanics.… Read the rest

Game Review: Far Cry 3 (PC)

fc3In Far Cry 3 you play a spoilt little rich brat, who drops down the rabbit hole. That is, if you go by the Alice in Wonderland theme that the game is not too subtle about. In more literal terms, he (Jason) drops down onto a tropical island.… Read the rest

Game Review: BioShock Infinite (PC)

jbioshock-infinite-pc-cover-avant-g-1354632827The BioShock franchise has abandoned its waterlogged roots to explore a city improbably floating around high in the sky. You (Booker DeWitt) arrive there to track down a girl. You only know you have to take her back down with you to make up for some unspecified debt.… Read the rest