Game Review: Stick it to the Man! (PC, 2014)

stickitThe biggest surprise about Stick it to the Man! is that it was not made by Psychonaut‘s Tim Schafer. This engaging puzzle-platformer certainly seems to have his handprints all over it. The look is cartoony, stylish and oddly familiar, the writing is funny with dark undertones and there is an obsession with mindreading.… Read the rest

Game Review: Brothers – a tale of two sons (PC)

Brothers 2 popcultjunkBrothers – a tale of two sons, is a beautiful-looking puzzle-platformer that tells an emotional, bittersweet story. It is like a fairytale as told by the Brothers Grimm, with an unexpected sting and darkness to offset the blissful bits with butterflies and bunnies.… Read the rest