Game Review: Her Story (iOS, 2015)

IMG_0214Her Story is an interesting, game-like narrative experience. You find yourself staring at a somewhat dated looking computer desktop, showing a video of a woman who is testifying to the police. What she is testifying about is not immediately clear. Your job is to piece together who she is and what happened to bring her into the interview room.… Read the rest

Game Review: Framed (iOs, 2014)

framedFramed is a noir-flavored puzzle game for iDevices. You play as a spy – as multiple spies, even – who are on the run with a mysterious briefcase and have to get past various police officers without getting caught. That is about as much as there is to the story.… Read the rest

Game Review: Jazzpunk (PC, 2014)

Jazzpunk titleJazzpunk is odd, and this is in no way accidental. In fact, the game tries a bit too hard to be odd and strains something in the process. Being free-form is to be expected from a game with the word ‘jazz’ in its title, but with a little more focus and a bit more restraint, the oddness could have been put to better use.… Read the rest

Game Review: Zero Escape – Virtue’s Last Reward (3DS)

Virtues-Last-Reward CoverVirtue’s Last Reward is the sequel to 999, and is a visual novel which features ‘escape the room’ puzzles. Again, nine people awaken to find themselves trapped and forced to take part in an experiment called ‘the nonary game’. This time, things seem to take place in the future and the ringleader is a psychotic A.I.… Read the rest

Game Review: Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney (DS)

apollo-justice-ace-attorney-coverI just finished Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney, which follows the original Phoenix Wright trilogy (which I review here). I can’t think of another game franchise of which I have finished four entries, so something about the Ace Attorney series must really appeal to me.… Read the rest

Game Review: Gone Home (PC)

Gone_HomeIn Gone Home, you play a girl who comes home to the new house that her sister and parents moved into, while she was touring Europe for a year. It’s a little after midnight, there is a thunderstorm and no one is around.… Read the rest