Movie Review: Kingsman – The Golden Circle (2017)

The first Kingsman movie, based on a graphic novel by Mark Millar, posited a stereotypical English organisation of crime-fighting operatives with a wide slew of Batman-worthy, yet gentlemanly gadgets. The emotional through-line was an experienced Kingsman (Colin Firth) helping a streetwise noob (Taron Egerton) reach his full potential.… Read the rest

Movie Review: The Raid 2

The Raid PosterI imagine that doctors, chiropractors and undertakers will be watching The Raid 2 with dollar signs in their eyes. This is a very bloody movie, where you will soon become used to the sound of bones breaking. Its story picks up right after the end of the first Raid movie, wraps up some loose ends, then speeds into a new storyline.… Read the rest